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Kids really love being able to make movies about their understanding. It is a great way to get their minds going and for them to see their shortcomings. I am concerned about the lack of place value "talk". But, with time and practice this should be better. Before CCSS, it just wasn't part of our mathematical culture! We have been so ingrained to know how to do something without thinking. I really believe this will make stronger thinkers and better everyday practical mathematicians!

Giving students the opportunity to construct their own understanding of a more complex problem by using prior knowledge is also a whole lot of fun. It allows higher end students to help tutor lower end. Two of my high end students helped two people with their video. Suddenly, I could hear two voices saying..."OHHHH!!!". The one photo of the boy in the assignment section shows the results of being so proud to have mastered the concept.!

This is what makes teaching so wonderful. I live for days like these and they always seem to be the best the more I let students drive their own learning through my coaching, rather than me just teaching.

  Need for place value language
  Joy: Need for place value language
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Area Models: Extension of Understanding

Unit 13: Multiplication Unit
Lesson 3 of 19

Objective: SWBAT multiply three digits by one digit using an area model.

Big Idea: This lesson is an extension of the introduction to area models. Students will use prior knowledge and logic to formulate a way to use area model to solve three digits by one digit.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, area model, multiplication
  50 minutes
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