Reflection: Modeling Using an Area Model to Divide Tens and Hundreds - Section 3: Concept Development


In years past, I have not had many students struggle with the area model for division.  This year is completely different.  My students had trouble connecting it with the area model for multiplication and I experienced the teacher nightmare deer-in-the-headlights look from many of my students.  My voice hurts from the amount of talking I did today. We modeled, modeled, modeled, and I know through observation that I have half of my class no understanding or being able to use the model to divide.  At this point, I'm questioning my instruction today as well as the importance and significance of the area model.

I know, understand and believe that a very valuable skill in mathematics is the ability to visually represent a concept or mathematical pattern. The reason a visual model is so important is that it not only helps communicate what is happening in a sequence of mathematical steps, but visuals also highlight different properties of numbers and operations and help students under-stand what they’re learning in ways that will help them connect their current knowledge to new topics learned in later grades.



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Using an Area Model to Divide Tens and Hundreds

Unit 7: Division with Whole Numbers
Lesson 4 of 16

Objective: SWBAT use an area model to divide tens and hundreds by a one digit divisor.

Big Idea: Students explore and use an area model to divide multi-digit numbers.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, division, area model, box method, Operations
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