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I’m very lucky to get to carve 30 minutes a week to meet with second grade buddies.  (I’ll tell you a secret—one of my very best teacher friends, a true kindred spirit—was moved out of kindergarten and into second grade this year.  I miss her every day, but “Buddies” is an excuse to work with my buddy every week!)  Okay—so how do you do this lesson if you don’t have buddies?  My quick answer—“Technology!!!”

Here are three options for you to model the activity to students:

1)    If you have AirServer, I would connect to your AirServer to project your iPad on your Promethean or Smart board, and walk the kiddos through the basics of the lesson.

2)    I didn’t have AirServer for the longest time, but I used DropBox to show pictures on the Promethean Board, which worked well.  I have taken a series of pictures on an iPad to show the kiddos, then hooked my computer to the Promethean board, and we talked about the steps in the activity.  It works well. You could even make a video on your iPad about doing the app!  I have recently become a huge fan of short videos, and I can say with certainty that they are not hard to make!

3)    Finally, almost everyone has a document camera.  Sometimes I completely miss the easiest option, but it would be super easy to project your iPad screen on the Promethean board with your document camera as you go through the steps of this easy, yet effective activity.  Piece of cake!

The key to iPad instruction, I have found, is demonstrating the procedures before the kids have the iPads, because once they have the iPads, all they want to do is PLAY—which is totally understandable, I say!

  What If You Don't Have Second Grade Buddies?
  What If You Don't Have Second Grade Buddies?
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Count the Ways to Have Fun! Sorting on the iPad

Unit 6: Sorting is Super!
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT sort objects by color or shape and assign a number to the set.

Big Idea: A part of the sorting and classifying standard that can be overlooked relates to assigning a number count to a group of similar objects. This lesson helps students find similar groups and practice counting and relating numbers to their sorted groups.

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counting matching
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