Reflection: Intervention and Extension Multiply Using the Basics - Section 3: Wrapping it Up


Students should know how to use arrays. However, some students were not comfortable using arrays. During this re-teach activity, I wanted students to have additional time examining how and why arrays are used in multiplication. In this video students are building arrays. I want them to focus on how rows go across and columns go up and down.  This will help them determine what the total number of squares in an array.  Additionally, students will be able to see the relationship between arrays and multiplication by describing what multiplication sentence describes the array.   Here are some other probing questions:

What happened to the factors in the second multiplication sentence?

Helps students to observe that the order changed.

Did the product change?

Students should realize that the product stays the same in the array, and when working out the problem.


  Students Response to reteaching
  Intervention and Extension: Students Response to reteaching
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Multiply Using the Basics

Unit 4: Numbers and Their Places!
Lesson 7 of 15

Objective: 4.NBT.B.5 Students will be able to multiply whole numbers using arrays.

Big Idea: Students will be able to use arrays to solve multiplication problems.

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