Reflection: Learning Communities Generate Ideas by Using Our Learning from Science and Social Studies - Section 1: Lesson Opener


I taught this lesson after my students had learned the attached topics in Science and Social Studies. The students were really excited to share what they already knew about the topics because it made them feel like experts. For example, many of them had just learned about the causes of the American Revolution and wanted to write about different topics associated with the ones I had prepared for them. Shout out to their Science and Social Studies teachers! 

  Transference of Knowledge from Other Subject Areas
  Learning Communities: Transference of Knowledge from Other Subject Areas
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Generate Ideas by Using Our Learning from Science and Social Studies

Unit 4: Research Essay
Lesson 10 of 15

Objective: SWBAT generate ideas for their research essay by coming up with an essential question based on their learning in Science and Social Studies Class.

Big Idea: Think like a Scientist or Historian

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