Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Building Understanding of the "Tale of Oki Islands" - Section 2: Guiding the Learning


I chose this lesson both because it was recommended as a read for the 5th grade for Common Core and for its value as a resource to teach author's lessons. When I first wrote the lesson I anticipated that students would be confused with the sea monster and the irrationality of the girl being able to stay underwater that long and fight the serpent while under there. Nope - they questioned this only slightly and then accepted it as a reality of the tale. Surprisingly the part they struggled with was why the father was locked away, and who put the curse on the ruler. This part is not explicitly stated and students need to read knowing the background knowledge of the culture to understand the fears of the ruler and the severity of the punishment for the father. Took a lot of questioning and discussion and I'm still not entirely sure they understood, but their connection with the daughter's bravery made them able to answer all the questions on the text. Just something for you top be aware of when teaching the lesson:)    

  misconceptions and lesson questioning
  Student Led Inquiry: misconceptions and lesson questioning
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Building Understanding of the "Tale of Oki Islands"

Unit 2: A Tale of the Oki Islands
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Objective: SWBAT...explain and support inferences made about the story "The Tale of Oki Island" when responding to True/False questions.

Big Idea: Reading is interactive when we "get to know" the characters. "Getting" a story helps us support our responses to questions!

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English / Language Arts, textual evidence, Reading, Literary Response and Analysis, prediction, group discussion / problem solving with supported inferences
  40 minutes
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