Reflection: Checks for Understanding In The Library: Informative Nonfiction - Section 3: Did They Get It?


When looking at formative work, I would much rather offer students feedback than a grade.  The goal of formative work is skill building and practice working towards mastery of a concept.  When I give feedback on formative assignments, I feel as though I have an opportunity to help students grow and learn rather than just passing judgment on what they have done.

Unfortunately, the students I currently have don't understand the value of feedback.  The have been raised in a world of high-stakes testing and just want to know "what they got" on an assignment. 

To combat this, I make a big show out of the benefits of feedback.  I ask them, "How many other teachers look at an assignment, tell you what you did right or wrong, and then hand it back to you to make better?"  It can get pretty melodramatic when I make a big show out of how much work it is for me to "grade everything twice." 

About half-way through the year, they begin to take my feedback to heart and put in some effort to improve their work.  Before they know it, they're working harder and harder at each attempt, and the quality of their assignments improves by leaps and bounds!

  Assessment vs Feedback
  Checks for Understanding: Assessment vs Feedback
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In The Library: Informative Nonfiction

Unit 5: Independent Reading
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT read and comprehend literary nonfiction by selecting an independent reading nonfiction book.

Big Idea: Today we're hunting through the stacks for some informative nonfiction.

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