Reflection: Flexibility It is Time to Party Like Its 1570. - Section 4: Building Knowledge: Who did you meet at the party?


Sometimes the greatest disappointment for me as an educator is when my students decide to act their age.  The party did not go well.  I really though this group would enjoy the role-play and really get into the characters.  I was wrong.  As I circulated the room, it was a party gone wrong over and over again.  Clearly most of the students had barely read their character descriptions and did not bother to look up words that were unfamiliar.  They preferred to fake it. This reaction was a first for me.  When I have done this activity with students in the past, they have really embraced it.  

Five or so minutes into the party, I called the party to a stop.  I reviewed the instructions and told them to go back to their original character descriptions.  I  regrouped the students into character groups and had them discuss their character.  Once they were more confident about their role, we returned to the party groups and started again.  

The Desdemona whose wedding was quite the event redeemed herself when making a prediction about Iago and Othello.

  Flexibility: Lesson gone wrong
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It is Time to Party Like Its 1570.

Unit 5: The Divine and Diabolical World of Othello
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Objective: SWBAT analyze complex characters and make predictions about their actions by attending a party with the cast of Othello.

Big Idea: Join us for the greatest celebration of the 16th century. Meet military heros, loyal friends, faithful wives, and unscrupulous traitors.

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