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I realized that a timeline would be perfect for this unit on Ancient People because the chapter we are reading most of our information from has a large span of dates. Ancient People covers 10, 000BC to 1500 AD. That is a lot of time to help students conceptualize. I realized that last year I did not help students understand how much time passes. 

This time line will help us not only see the length of time that goes between each group, but can also be used very similar to our concept wall. Students will be able to add to add key ideas, vocabulary, and interesting facts to the timeline as we read. It is like a large classroom graphic organizer. I am hoping this helps them build on the conceptual understanding of time and how it relates to how people have developed.

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  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Giant Graphic Organizer
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Timeout for a Timeline

Unit 24: Sources and Text Features
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: SWBAT build a model of a timeline to help track new information learned while reading about Ancient People in our history book.

Big Idea: Timelines are a great way to show history, but why not use it as a graphic organizer to keep our notes. In this lesson, students will create a working timeline where they can add key facts and ideas to it as we read.

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English / Language Arts, Nonfiction (Reading), chronological order, history, timeline, text features
  24 minutes
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