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I am so glad that I gave everyone a chance to talk about their choice read. It gave me an overview of the types of books they enjoy and an some ideas as to how to help them through this process. As they were discussing the plot of the book, I was thinking about possible themes, knowing that this will be the most difficult piece. 

The activity wasn't only good for me.. It was a great activity because the class really got into it. They liked hearing from each other. Several students started lists of books they would like to read, based upon the recommendations of their peers; they would even stop the student presenting to ask for author and precise title. All but one student really enjoyed the book he or she chose. 

  Enthusiasm for Reading
  Student Ownership: Enthusiasm for Reading
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Convince Me to Read It: Book Talks on Outside Reading Novels

Unit 8: Long Composition on Choice Reading
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Objective: SWBAT present information clearly, concisely, and logically such that listeners can follow the line of reasoning by introducing their peers to the plot and topics of their choice read.

Big Idea: Discussing choice books as a group fosters a love of reading and helps to create a more united class.

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