Reflection: Student Ownership Revising Of Personal Narratives For Details and Mind Pictures - Section 3: Revising Practice


By the time students come to eighth grade, they have heard the term sensory details and mind pictures plenty of times. It it is one of those concepts that is constantly drilled into them. While this is an important concept to use when writing, I think it's important to make sure students use it effectively.

I found this activity proves to be successful as students are able to take ownership of the details they want to use. As students are working on these details, I can meet with them and it helps them to see what details are effective and which ones are not.

  Sensory Details Reflection
  Student Ownership: Sensory Details Reflection
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Revising Of Personal Narratives For Details and Mind Pictures

Unit 9: Personal Narrative/Memoirs: Writing And Conferencing
Lesson 8 of 13

Objective: SWBAT revise narratives with a focus on sensory details, mind pictures, and precise words & interesting language.

Big Idea: Get those colored pencils ready. Revising will be a messy ride.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, revising, detail, personal narratives, memoir, conferencing
  43 minutes
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