Reflection: Wrapping Up After Marathon Reading Last Seven Chapters - Section 4: Independent Work


Students continue to give me inconsistent writing. As I worked one-on-one with individual students, too many saw that as an opportunity to work at a much lower pace. I know this is particularly because analytical writing is not easy or enjoyable for the vast majority. One result is writing that continues to reproduce the same weaknesses I have been addressing. In this sample paper of this analytical chart, for example, the student’s first analytical sentence merely repeats what the quote says. I have explicitly told them that analytical writing does not just repeat the author’s words. The second analytical sentence is written in a way that does not make it clear who believes that “men are superior to women.” It actually makes it seem as if it is the student who believes what is stated and not the character.

It is important for me to get a sense of the aspects of my instruction that are working and the ones that are not sinking in. For this, I really need students to push themselves to get the work done when it gets very challenging and not dig in their heels. I have insisted repeatedly on the importance of pushing themselves harder when the task is difficult, they resist, I need to push back. This situation is actually not surprising. I often expect to have to repeat the same directions multiple times before they begin sinking in. This work is mostly brand new territory for my students. I understand that repetition and multiple opportunities to practice the skills I am trying to teach them will be necessary for them to gain mastery of them.


  Inconsistent Writing
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Wrapping Up After Marathon Reading Last Seven Chapters

Unit 1: Reading Their Eyes Were Watching God
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: SWBAT do some initial reflection on the entire novel by finishing a few assignments that call for analysis and reflection of a variety of aspects of the novel.

Big Idea: Concurrently working on finishing several assignments to tie up some loose ends.

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English / Language Arts, Feminism, Autonomy
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