Reflection: Modeling Decomposing and Composing Mixed Fractions - Section 3: Independent Closing


Because it is essential that student understand what they are expected to do. I decided to model  how to use addition to show a mixed number in a variety of ways.  As teachers it is important to shift into facilitator mode during learning.  By drawing representations of this mixed fraction, students are able to make connections between concrete and abstract.  I encourage them to use different colored pencils in their fraction models.

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Decomposing and Composing Mixed Fractions

Unit 3: Number & Operations-Fractions
Lesson 11 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to decompose fractions and represent them as compositions of fractions in a variety of ways.

Big Idea: Given a set fraction amount students will be able to decompose into a sum of fractions in more than one way.

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Math, Fractions, concept development, composing, decomposing
  60 minutes
wholes and fractions
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