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We chose the author to highlight in our Author Study during our weekly collaboration meeting. When I taught this lesson, I was very dissapointed at the lack of engagement I could see in my class. I switched from the "about Jan Brett" part of the website, to the link to Time for kids, thinking that perhaps going to more kid friendly text would help. It didn't. For closure I asked them to tell me a fact they had learned about Jan Brett, and I was surprised to find out that most of them had something to say. I still left thinking that the author choice was a mistake, and that each teacher should have selected an author that their class liked. I find that every year my class has different tastes. One year I may end up with Clifford indigestion, and the next year those books may stay practically untouched. I thought selecting the author based on each year's fad may help with engagement. 

Then the next day we went to the school library. Many of my kids spontaneously started telling the librarian about Jan Brett, they took out all her books. Wow! They were clearly more interested than I though, and the author study we started had the additional bonus of introducing them to a wonderful writer. I am glad I enjoy her because I suspect I am in for a large dose of her books. 

It had never occurred to me to introduce an author this way, but it has been a fun experience, definitely worth repeating. 

  Choosing an author
  Student Ownership: Choosing an author
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First get the facts! (Author study, Day 1 of 5)

Unit 4: Writing informational/explanatory text
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT complete a graphic organizer with information about an author.

Big Idea: Cultivate your students' natural curiosity about favorite authors. Instead of killing the cat, it can lead to good writing.

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