Reflection: Perseverance Addition Number Line Shuffle - Section 3: Independent Practice


We went from a high moment—dancing around the room, feeling on top of the world, to this hard to ignore “split” between the “haves” and the “have-nots” in terms of understanding the concept of using a number line to add.  I could have been discouraged.  It would have been really easy to let my disappointment show and let my dancing partners feel dejected.

I sent the “haves” to work on Math Work Stations while I clustered my confused buddies at one table.  We got to business right away—even before someone could see that their friends were “playing” math games while we worked.

It became the most teacher-directed practice round I have done in awhile.  I didn’t just “walk them through it” to start, I held their hands & told them where to step!  Seriously, I did keep it very, very structured, and I literally checked every step that every child at that table made.

For instance, when we picked up a crayon to start on #2, I had them hold their yellow crayons up.  When they dotted on “2,” we paused just long enough to make sure everyone had a yellow dot on the 2.  Every step of the way was checked, because it seemed clear that we had some misconceptions to address.  (I start off with light colors and then get increasingly darker as we go through this together.  At the end, we all have black left, which is a very good thing.)

We began to move more quickly through the problems, but I kept close watch over each of my 6 buddies, being ready to insert an upbeat correction at any step of the way.

By the end of our practice session, I would ask, “Okay, what do we do next?” to a student at the table, and they walked me through the procedure!  It was encouraging.  Now, let’s hope tomorrow they can still walk through our number line addition!

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Addition Number Line Shuffle

Unit 1: Addition on the Number Line
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use the number line to add sums.

Big Idea: We use a well-known line dance song to help us remember the "rules" of adding on a number line.

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