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I forget sometimes how young second graders are. They are still such concrete learners. They are developmentally still at a point where they need to see, touch, and move as they learn. In this lesson we sat around a large rug sized clock. Students were able to walk a minute to see how long a minute really was. They moved the large paper hands as we counted by 5s and we chanted a chant I made up as we were talking. The chant for the little hand was "little, slow, count by ones" and for the big hand, " big, fast, runs by fives." The children liked the chant and when we moved to the practice phase of the lesson, they continued to chant as they tried to remember which hand did what. 

My comparison of the great big tiger and a little tiny kitten and which one would be the fastest also helped students to remember which hand went slow (the little hour hand) and which went fast (the big fast minute hand). 

When we moved to the practice phase I left the large clock pieces on the floor. About half of the class, who were not totally confident about the clock, brought their papers back to the rug and worked together to move the hands around, and do "little, slow, count by ones.." 

I was again struck by the developmental level of the children and how we tend to rush these children into working and thinking like older children when they are still so young and need us to step back and let them "play" with the materials they are learning from and about.

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What Time Is It?

Unit 1: What and Where is Math?
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Objective: SWBAT identify the two hands of the clock and explain what each one does. They will be able to count by 5s to 60.

Big Idea: The Common Core doesn't include time as a strand, but the ability to use time to reason about the passage of time, and the ability to use a single number on the clock to represent two different quantities are part of the mathematical practices.

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Math, Measurement, Measurement and Methods, time, counting, fives, telling time
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