Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Introduction to Area Models - Section 3: Assignment: Practice in class


Results: In this group, it was consistent. They have mastered the concept and process. Now I need to get them to discuss it. Several students still don't understand the function of place value yet when it came to dealing with a zero. Zeros seem to be a difficult situation and so I will now focus on working with them to get them to understand that the zero has value as a place holder and keeps us understanding that each place value is 10 times the next to help reinforce the standard.



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Introduction to Area Models

Unit 13: Multiplication Unit
Lesson 2 of 19

Objective: SWBAT use an area model to solve a simple two digit by one digit multiplication problem.

Big Idea: Using an area model, students learn to separate two digit numbers into expanded form and then multiply using a partial product first, and then add to get the final product.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, multiplication, area model
  40 minutes
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