Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation What Are Numbers? Introducing 8 - Section 1: Problem of the Day


The Problem of the Day questions that I use are not always complex problem solving kinds of questions.  At this point in the year, we are using these mostly as a quick review of the prior lesson.  This time can still be used to introduce students to strategies for problem solving.  Today's questions were a bit wordy. Many story problems that students will see throughout their schooling are a bit wordy.  Today we focused on finding the important information. 

I found that some of my students were very concerned over who's party it was since I changed the name from the student that we used in yesterday's "party" lesson.  A student also raised her hand to tell me that she is having a birthday party and she is not inviting "Sally" because she was mean to her yesterday.  While this took a few minutes, it was a great point for me to jump in with how important it is to focus on what the problem is that we need to solve and not get bogged down with the extra information in the problem.

  Breaking Down a Word Problem
  Intrinsic Motivation: Breaking Down a Word Problem
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What Are Numbers? Introducing 8

Unit 3: Numbers to 10
Lesson 4 of 19

Objective: Students will be able to name and count the number 8.

Big Idea: Mighty Spiders is a nonfiction book about spiders. Reading this story and doing the finger play The Itzy Bitzy Spider helps students learn the number 8 by counting spiders' eight legs.

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