Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation An Epic Epilogue - Section 3: Closure


It was fun to watch the skits to see how each group interpreted the task of including both first and third person.  In the skit that I taped, it's easy to see that they had a great time writing and performing.  In one area of the third person section, the narrator forgot to add Third Person clues such as, "Rowena said," or, "Adam cried out," but I was pleased with the way they worked it all out in general.  This is an activity I'll definitely have the kids complete again.

  Teacher Reflection of The Wish Giver Skit
  Intrinsic Motivation: Teacher Reflection of The Wish Giver Skit
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An Epic Epilogue

Unit 6: 1st and 3rd....Not Football- POV!
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: TSWBAT identify the return of first person pov as it relates to third person pov in a skit.

Big Idea: The drama of it...a skit in two persons!

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