Reflection: Student Ownership Project Work, Day One - Section 2: Project Work Time


Even though I warned my students not to let the medium (video) be the spotlight over the content (standard skills), some groups get carried away by recreating scenes. I pause to question them: how will this help you meet the standards? Do you need this scene to show theme development? Is this the best scene to use?

Most groups get the message. Some don't. Ultimately, I cannot make their projects for them.

  Student Ownership: Video-crazed
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Project Work, Day One

Unit 2: Finding Themes and Making Inferences in Literature
Lesson 15 of 17

Objective: SWBAT summarize a text, analyze for themes, and make and support an inferential point by creating a video project of their novel.

Big Idea: Lights, camera, action--analyzing a text via video.

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