Reflection: Lesson Planning Introduction to Text Structures Project - Section 1: Lesson Opener


For today's lesson I just concentrated on showing the first two minutes of the clip in which the entrepreneur introduces their invention. This cut it down to 10 minutes for the clip and then then I allowed about 5 minutes totals for students to discuss their notes with their partner and/or the whole group.Therefore we went beyond the 10 minutes I had predicted for the lesson, but I wanted to give the students a broad range of ideas for their brainstorming.

I also realized that the presentation of the product and the feedback will be important for their final presentation. We will watch the presentation part when students need to prepare for their presentation.

  Reflection on Showing Clips
  Lesson Planning: Reflection on Showing Clips
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Introduction to Text Structures Project

Unit 5: Text Structures Project
Lesson 1 of 11

Objective: SWBAT start planning for their text structures research project by generating ideas by viewing short video clips and brainstorming.

Big Idea: Come to the Shark Tank!

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