Reflection: Student Feedback Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers - Test - Section 3: Summary


This test was a huge hit.  I found that students were not as stressed taking the test - they knew the answers that they needed to work toward, and they could focus on the process of getting there. Grading the tests it was very clear which students (and there were 8) had NO clue what they were doing.  If the work shown did not clearly match the answer chosen, students did not recieve any credit - so I had students showing their best work on this test.  See attached test and student note.

  Student Feedback: Note Reflection
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Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers - Test

Unit 4: Operations with Rational Numbers
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Objective: Students will be able to solve real world and mathematical problems involving adding and subtracting signed integers, fractions, and decimals.

Big Idea: Show what you know! This test focuses on the process, not the answer!

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