Reflection: Student Feedback Reading Strategy: Checking for Understanding - Section 1: How do we Know What we Read?


At the beginning of the year, students are shocked at the transition to be made between third and fourth grade. They are beginning to grow up. In reading, they are beginning the transition to the adult reader they will become. Many student to this point have had very little practice with comprehension, and have focused so much on accuracy and fluency. At some points you would think they would come in as experts on those fluency and accuracy strategies, but alas, they do not.


This is a horrible sound to hear. They are nine/ ten and already have judged something they barely have learned to do as not liking.

  Judgement of Reading
  Student Feedback: Judgement of Reading
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Reading Strategy: Checking for Understanding

Unit 1: Reading Strategies: Beginning of the Year
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Objective: SWBAT read a page of text and do a self reflection on how well they understood what they read.

Big Idea: Comprehension! Comprehension! Comprehension! Students need to be able to understand what they read. Reflecting on your reading and making sure you understand are ideal to comprehending and this lesson opens the door for how to do it.

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