Reflection: Joy A Short Lesson in Graphing Ordered Pairs - Section 5: Closure


I like this lesson! The students enjoy anything that has to do with drawing. So, plotting ordered pairs and creating a kitty was shear joy for them. The IXL practice is a way for them to use technology and for me to get record of their success. I can go into that program and find out if the student is mastering it. I appreciate this feature of IXL. The other grid lessons require flash, so I had my more advanced students work on lap tops because they had mastered the first assignment easily.

I like balance for students. We are pushed to go paperless. Maybe in the next generation, this will be completely the case. But, I know my students well enough to know they enjoy paper and pencil assignments, drawings and have to use both technology and paper and pencil to master their goals.The arts, although I am not sure we can refer to our kitty cat as art, have a place in learning mathematics. I thought it was great for them to see how plotting ordered pairs can create a purposeful drawing. I enjoyed watching them have such fun.

  Having fun with ordered pairs.
  Joy: Having fun with ordered pairs.
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A Short Lesson in Graphing Ordered Pairs

Unit 3: Graphing and Data
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT graph ordered pairs correctly.

Big Idea: Students practice graphing ordered pairs on IXL math and on a worksheet to create a picture.

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Math, Graphing (Algebra), Data Analysis and Probability, multiplication fact fluency., ordered pairs, Graphing
  45 minutes
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