Reflection: Real World Applications How Persuasive Are You: Writing the Persuasive Letter - Section 2: Now, Convince Her: Writing the Persuasive Letter


Keeping students engaged is the goal of every good lesson.  During the work session of this lesson, my students were more engaged than they've been in any other lesson I've taught.  In reflecting back on my day, I was wondering why and then it hit me.  My students were writing to a real person, in real context for a real request.  These letters weren't just pretend.  They weren't going to be handed in, graded and returned.  These letters were being sent off to Hollywood to a real celebrity in hopes that she would help their school.  My kiddos took this assignment so seriously.  I wish Ellen, herself, could have seen them work- it was magical!!  

I guess this is a lesson for the teacher- real world applications that the students care about are the key to keeping students engaged.  

  Reflection: Increasing Engagement
  Real World Applications: Reflection: Increasing Engagement
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How Persuasive Are You: Writing the Persuasive Letter

Unit 12: Ask Ellen!! Writing a Persuasive Letter
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT plan, draft and write a persuasive letter.

Big Idea: Being able to plan an argument that convinces someone else displays higher order thinking skills.

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