Reflection: Modeling Turkeys & Thanksgiving Traditions: Developing Cultural Literacy Through Analysis & Discussion - Section 4: Reading Skill: Understanding a Venn Diagram


This aspect of today's lesson allowed me to talk about two specific skills/concepts we have been addressing over the course of the semester: Venn diagramming and reading an infographic. Students were mostly receptive to the presentation of the information in this manner, and took note of a few significant concepts on their own copies of the Venn diagram. Due to time, we were unable to really explore the model in as much detail as I'd hoped, but I will certainly revisit infographics as the year goes on. 

  Diagramming Connections
  Modeling: Diagramming Connections
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Turkeys & Thanksgiving Traditions: Developing Cultural Literacy Through Analysis & Discussion

Unit 18: Cultural Literacy: Holiday Insights and American Traditions
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT propel a whole-class discussion by reacting to examples of established and personal holiday traditions.

Big Idea: Understanding the origins and celebrations of the Thanksgiving holiday create culturally literate students.

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English / Language Arts, cultural tradition, Holidays, class discussion, Cultural Literacy, Thanksgiving, American Holidays
  50 minutes
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