Reflection: Lesson Planning Phonics Center - Section 1: Why This Center?


This center is really easy to differentiate.  I like to level out my extra activities by colored bags.  For example, my approaching group may have yellow bags with B and D sorts and G and K sorts; meanwhile, my beyond group may have red bags with A and E sorts and I and E sorts.
In the end, (most of the time) everyone does the same initial activity, but the extensions are easily tailored to meet the needs of each group of students.

  Differentiating Phonics Center
  Lesson Planning: Differentiating Phonics Center
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Phonics Center

Unit 3: Centers
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT match letters to their corresponding sounds and segment and blend words.

Big Idea: Students can practice letter sounds in different ways, depending on their level, throughout the year at this center!

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