Reflection: Classroom Setup Writing Center - Section 4: The Process Students Typically Follow


Writing center is one that is easy to forget, so I make sure to pay close attention to the students.  Typically, I will pass by at least once during center time to see how the students are working (as you can see in the video).  I make sure to tell students if they are incorrectly forming letters or missing spaces between words, etc.

A few things I have done are things like this:
In the video, you can see the girl making her t's from the bottom up- I did correct her on this after I finished filming. 
Also, I commented on the boy's work and made sure to tell him I appreciated his nice and neat handwriting. 

You can see in the video and the picture that all of the papers students need, the games they need and even their extra papers are easily accessible.  Also, different writing tools are available as well to make students more engaged. Having everything accessible and available is important at this center and it is something I make sure to do every time.

  Important Pieces of Writing Center
  Classroom Setup: Important Pieces of Writing Center
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Writing Center

Unit 3: Centers
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Objective: SWBAT practice reading foundational skills while working on their handwriting as well.

Big Idea: Students can practice their handwriting and reinforce their skills at the same time during centers!

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