Reflection: Data Analysis Review & Assessment 6.NS.A.1 and 6.NS.B.4 - Section 3: Closure + Assessment


Knowing that this is the first year of implementing common core, I knew the quiz would be difficult as it is a lot of application and my students are still getting used to it.  So, when I analyzed the results, I looked for questions that were difficult for the majority of the kids.  I did not have any students get a 100%, but I did have some get A's!  This is an improvement.

Questions 1 and 2:  Most students used the ladder and were able to find the greatest common factor and the amount of each item.  Students that got this wrong, forgot to answer whole the question.

Question 3:  I read this problem to the students because there was room for error in the interpretation.  I explained that the people standing in line would be counted off.  Person 1, Person 2, Person 3, etc.  I explained that people that were standing in line that were a multiple of 2 would win a price.  I said "is person 1 and multiple of 2?" "is person 2?  That was the only hint I have them.  I know it was too much, but I wanted to make sure they understood how this worked. 

Question 4:  Most students got this incorrect.  They wanted to find the GCF or they used the ladder to find the LCM and in this case, wouldn't work.  Well, it works, but they don't know how it works.

Question 5:  The problem they could have figured out mathematically even if they knew little about the distributive property.  Uggg!  I took most explanations if they were reasonable.  This problem counted for 10 points so I went a little easy on them. 

The division problems went well, except for #7.

Question 10 asked them to write their own word problem using 1 3/4 divided by 1/2.  I will be reteaching the concept of dividing by a half.  Most problems were something like this:  I have 1 3/4 candy bar and I want to split it in half.  I felt that they understood that the divisor was asking the "how many" question so it should have gone something like this:  How many 1/2 inch pieces of candy can I give out if my candy bar is 1 3/4 inches long?

  Data Analysis: Difficult questions!
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Review & Assessment 6.NS.A.1 and 6.NS.B.4

Unit 4: Number Sense
Lesson 16 of 26

Objective: SWBAT show what they know by reviewing and taking an assessment

Big Idea: This lesson brings all the pieces together to have students show the how’s and why’s by using GCF,LCM, Distributive property and dividing fractions.

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