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My students loved playing the Smallest Product Game!  There is something about using a die and competing that get my students so excited and engaged.  Students were making strategic decisions, multiplying fractions, and finding ways to compare those products.  At the end of the game, I asked students to share out the strategies they used to compare the products.  By listening to students share their strategies and reflections it was clear that they not only enjoyed playing the game, but they also understood the fraction concepts necessary to play the game successfully.

Unit 4.10 Strategy 1.jpg Same Numerator

Students recognized that 3/20 was smaller than 3/10 because on whole was split into 20 pieces and the other into 10 pieces.  1/20 is smaller than 1/10, so 3/20 is smaller than 3/10.

Unit 4.10 Strategy 2.jpg More or less than 1

Students recognized that if one product was greater than 1 and the other less than 1, the product less than 1 was smaller.

Unit 4.10 Strategy 3.jpg Simplify and compare

Students understood that sometimes simplifying fractions can help you compare two products.

Unit 4.10 Strategy 4.jpg Create common denominators

When the previous strategies would not work, students realized that they could create common denominators to compare the two products.

  Joy: The Joy of Games
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The Multiplying Game

Unit 4: Fraction Operations
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Objective: SWBAT: • Create an estimate of a fraction multiplication problem. • Multiply fractions and mixed numbers using visual models. • Develop strategies for creating the smallest product.

Big Idea: How can you create the smallest product in the Multiplying Game? Students apply what they know about multiplying fractions to the Multiplying Game.

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