Reflection: Real World Applications A Salute to Soldiers - Section 3: Commandeering the Correspondence


I wish I would have brought in a speaker who is a veteran to talk about their experiences and the sacrifices they and their families made while they were on active duty.  I used the example of my neighbor who was gone from home for 18 months and what he missed with his four children and how his children missed him, but it's so much more engaging to hear it first hand.  I could have even had one or more of his four boys in to speak as well.  My students were so engaged in this unit that I think having had a real person to speak to them would have been the icing on the cake.  This kind of thinking- bringing in the outside world- is new to me since CCSS, and it's something that I have to keep in the forefront when planning lessons.

  Reflection: Real Life Example
  Real World Applications: Reflection: Real Life Example
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A Salute to Soldiers

Unit 11: Honoring Our Veterans: H is for Honor
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT write a letter thanking a soldier for his or her service.

Big Idea: Understanding the sacrifices made by the military for our freedoms is an important aspect of being an American citizen.

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Social Studies, English / Language Arts, Reading, Nonfiction (Reading), Veterans Day, H is for Honor, friendly letter
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