Reflection: Checks for Understanding How Many In Your Box? - Section 2: Introduction to Collection Boxes


The video in this section represents my thoughts on the Collection Box activity.  The videos and images I refer to are also included in this section as well.


Informal Notes:  I have included a page, from my steno pad, that is an example of observations that I made while touching base with the students (during activity).  I want to capture a quick idea of how each child is working or applying their math knowledge.  I use these notes to help me know who I want to touch base with in future lessons and what exactly I need to work with them on.

  Checks for Understanding: Reflection on Collection Boxes
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How Many In Your Box?

Unit 3: Counting & Comparing
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT make a connection between number names and written numbers to the quantities they represent. They will also practice ordering numbers and quantities up to 12. Students will also document a solution to a problem.

Big Idea: Is it Box A or is it Box B? Maybe it is Box C? Which box has 18 items in it? The students are engaged in a counting activity in which pairs count and record the number of items in a collection box.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Comparing Numbers, numeral writing, number sequencing, 1st Grade
  70 minutes
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