Reflection: Performance Tasks H is for Honor- Research a New Term - Section 3: Tactical Approach: Planning for the Presentation


I have used a lot of projects in my classes as summative assessments instead of traditional tests but I've never used a rubric check or a planning document until this year.  With the inception of Common Core and trying to create 21st century learners, I've felt the need to rethink some classroom practices with the lens of the adult world.  When adults work on projects, they break them down into small parts and they plan.  Different people are responsible for different tasks and each task has to come together to create the whole.  That's the approach I've tried to take this year and although it takes time, it's like exercise- you have to find a way to fit it in or it won't happen!! 

  Reflection: Project Planning
  Performance Tasks: Reflection: Project Planning
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H is for Honor- Research a New Term

Unit 11: Honoring Our Veterans: H is for Honor
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT to research an aspect of military life and write a paragraph about their findings.

Big Idea: It is important to be able to quickly and effectively find information about a topic.

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