Reflection: Routines and Procedures Explaining Multiplication - Section 3: Mid-Session


I have taught my students to "tour" the room in other areas of curriculum.  I believe the key to success is that your classroom must be safe and you have worked on groups norms for exploring other's work.  

I spend a lot of time modeling how to silently look over someone's work for my own learning, not as an editor.  When you model this for your students, they will look and listen with a different need. Later in our work, I will help them learn to critique in a positive way, another's thinking.  Right now, I am creating a safe sharing environment. 

  Routines and Procedures: Touring
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Explaining Multiplication

Unit 2: Understanding Multiplication
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Objective: Students will be able to determine the total number of objects when there are a specific number of groups with the same number of objects in each group or of an equal amount if objects were added.

Big Idea: Children will produce posters to explain, or take apart, a multiplication equation to show its meaning.

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Math, array, Critical Area
  60 minutes
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