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To provide an intervention for two students who needed extra support, I asked them to come up to the front white board while other students worked independently on the final task. They loved being able to write on the "teacher's whiteboard." The following videos document the gradual development of their place value understanding. 

1. Written to Standard Form Extra Support 1 

In this first video, the students begin by representing numbers from the same practice page that all other students were working on during this time.  

2. Written to Standard Form Extra Support 2

In this video, I noticed that both students were successful with changing numbers from written form to standard form when the numbers didn't have any zeros.

3. Written to Standard Form Extra Support 3

Here, I increase the complexity of the task by giving the students numbers with zeros. 

4. Written to Standard Form Extra Support 4

In this last video, I gave the students even larger numbers with zeros. When I gave the students the last task one of the students said, "This is fun! I wish I could do this the rest of the day!" That's when you know you're providing a successful intervention! 

  Intervention and Extension: Refection
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Written Form

Unit 4: Place Value
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: SWBAT represent numbers in written form.

Big Idea: Being able to understand and explain numbers will help students make sense of multi-digit computation and problem solving.

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