Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Sequencing the Events With "The Big Circle," Day 1 of 2 - Section 3: Explaining My Expectations


I am a huge advocate of using a flow map to teach this activity.  Without the flow map my students might not get the opportunity to train their brains how to "think."  Every time we have to put something in order we use a flow map.  They have had experience using the flow map and this writing portion went much faster than other activities we've done.  I could really tell the knew how to sequence their events easily and they were able to read their flow maps correctly and with ease.  I really attribute my student's academic success because we use these maps consistently.

  Using Our Flow Map
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Using Our Flow Map
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Sequencing the Events With "The Big Circle," Day 1 of 2

Unit 12: Reading Comprehension Lessons
Lesson 5 of 14

Objective: SWBAT sequence and write about the events in the story.

Big Idea: Sequencing Events - uh. Adding dinosaurs to the mix - cool!

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