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It was incredibly tempting to have students write a reflection on what they accomplished in the workshop today. However, I decided that this group might benefit more from a writing break. Writing does not come naturally or easily for many of the students in my class. And at times I feel that they are often overwhelmed by the volume of writing we do. While I wanted them to have a record of their learning, I also wanted them to see the importance of paying attention to the conversations they have in class. I want them to learn that speaking and listening are just as valuable and important as reading and writing and that they are accountable for the conversations they have. So I chose to let the conversations stand alone; we’ll see if I made the right choice as we go into tomorrow’s lesson!

  A Break From Writing
  Adjustments to Practice: A Break From Writing
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Personal Narratives: Explaining Your Choice

Unit 5: The Personal Narrative
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: SWBAT explain their choice of topic for the personal narrative writing project.

Big Idea: After completing several short pre-writing activities, students have selected the one they like best to use as their final personal narrative writing project. Now, they must reflect on why they made this choice in order to narrow their topic.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, personal narrative, narrative, writing ideas
  40 minutes
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