Reflection: Perseverance Using Table Data: Time to the 1/2 Hour - Section 2: Whole Group Interaction


The kids showed great perseverance when solving their group activity, but I want you to learn from my mistake. Watch the video and I will share with you my mistake that confused the kids: reflect group activity

  Perseverance: Learn from my mistake!
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Using Table Data: Time to the 1/2 Hour

Unit 9: Graphs, Tables, and Charts
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT interpret data presented in scheduling charts.

Big Idea: My students have learned how to read and write time. Now I want them to see how important time is for us to organize our lives. I want them to use data charts for schedules and be able to analyze the information.

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Math, Data collection / Organization / Display, time, digital, First Grade, bar graph, charts, organization, pictograph, graph
  55 minutes
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