Reflection: Trust and Respect Using 3 or More Addends to Make a Meal - Section 2: Whole group discussion


Alright the students LOVED this activity!!!  Everyone was actively engaged.  The one thing I found interesting was they all worked on their own. Students were persevering while problem solving.  I think it was all driven by their own "product."   They wanted to create their own menus.  I had a set of colored cards for each table, that matched the menus.  No one used them.

 When they got to part 2 of the lesson and had to stay within a budget they all came at this from different entry points.  One little guy wanted both the turkey and the ham so he then had corn and bread to keep it under $25.  Others got rid of the meat.  Every student was able to make sense of the problem and solve it.  I feel that when we as teachers, help to build that background, and students have a good understanding of what the expectation is they can make sense of a problem and find a strategy that works for them.  The Common Core is all about our students being problem solvers in the real world.  What is more real then planning and budgeting a family meal?  The students owned this learning. 

  When I think about the eight mathematical practices everyone was problem solving during this lesson.  I saw students persevering, using math tools appropriately, making sense of a problem, and modeling with mathematics.  

  What really happened
  Trust and Respect: What really happened
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Using 3 or More Addends to Make a Meal

Unit 1: Problem Solving Addition
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT make a menu and add up the cost of the meal, using at least 3 addends.

Big Idea: Using the theme of a very YUMMY Thanksgiving meal, students will plan their own meal and figure out the cost of it.

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