Reflection: Complex Tasks Beginning to Look For Evidence in Our Reading - Section 3: Independent Practice


I was really happy that I had different groups use different books based on reading ability.  I had one group of really advanced readers tackle the "Busy Honeybees" book by Justin McCory Martin.  It was a longer book that had a lot of scientific vocabulary.  Because the book was longer, there were more questions in the statement table.  Usually this group is the first to finish but for this lesson, they were among the last.  I also worded questions in such a way that they really had to use some critical thinking skills to determine if the statement was true or not. 

My students who are in the lower reading group were equally challenged.  The books were simpler but the text still challenged them.  I did find that they had trouble tracking where to put their check mark on the statement chart.  I also had to help a few groups to look in the index and help them find their evidence because using this tool is still quite advanced for many students at this point. 

Overall, I think I set up the lesson where everyone was challenged.  I have some work samples here Finding Evidence Student Work Reflection.  Did all my students master finding evidence?  Certainly not.  Are we well on our way to using evidence consistently?  Yes.  With more practice and exposure to these kinds of lessons I know my students will improve.

  Complex Tasks: Differentiating the Activity
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Beginning to Look For Evidence in Our Reading

Unit 12: Reading Comprehension Lessons
Lesson 4 of 14

Objective: SWBAT find evidence when rereading to determine if statements about the book are true or not.

Big Idea: You mean I have to find evidence to prove if something is right or wrong?

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