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Asking students to reflect on their learning by posing a question they still have is an excellent way to gather formative data, connect to former learning and take ownership in their learning.  I often use questioning as a way to bring closure to class.  

I have a question board in class.  I chose one great question and post it on that board with the student's name.  Students are then given an opportunity throughout the week to add a thoughtful response to the question.  Students add their name to the response post-it, which gives them ownership in the classroom.  I take moments throughout the week to read some of the responses and praise students for adding to that board.  It has been great for building a positive classroom culture.  

Today's questions were great.  Jordyn's question is the one I will add to the question board.  I'm choosing this one because it connects to one of the themes we have been focusing on for the last couple of weeks.  She asks why the world was quiet and I can use that question to connect to students prior knowledge about the theme of silence in current world events.  

Brian's post-it is a great indication of students connecting English Curriculum to History Curriculum and Current Events.  I will keep Brian's post-it and use it as a warm up question for next week.  


  Student Ownership: Questions as Closure
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Visual Literacy: Deepening our Understanding

Unit 6: What It Means to be Human
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Objective: Students will be able to propel conversations by posing and responding to questions that relate the current discussion to larger ideas by viewing a film, posing questions and answering them.

Big Idea: Can we use visual rhetoric as evidence to support our own thinking?

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