Reflection: Flexibility Personal Narratives: Best Day Ever - Section 2: Setting a Purpose


Today was one of those kinds of lessons that wasn’t planned weeks in advance, but just kind of happened. We were in our first week of prewriting for our personal narratives when I thought of a story starter that I hadn’t included in my pre-printed writing prompts pack: My very best day. One of my kids mentioned that they had a great weekend and that it was probably the best they’ve ever had. Surely that would get kids talking, I mean writing, right? Choosing and then writing all about the best day you’ve ever had?

Sure enough, I gave them the topic and they went to town! They were so excited to tell someone else about a great experience they had, that it was difficult to end their sharing at the end of the period. This prompt proved so popular that most students in my classes ended up choosing it as their final personal narrative piece. Lesson learned that sometimes the best lessons are, in fact, the most simple and uncomplicated!

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  Flexibility: Just Go With It
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Personal Narratives: Best Day Ever

Unit 5: The Personal Narrative
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write a short narrative about their very best day.

Big Idea: Students work on short pre-writing assignments as part of their idea collection for their final personal narrative writing assessment.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, personal narrative, narrative, writing ideas
  40 minutes
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