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I had all of the students continue sitting on the floor (in a circle) to demonstrate the game.  I felt this would allow everyone to see not only how to play the game but to also reinforce the appropriate expectations of partner play (established in previous lessons).  I chose a student to play with me for the demonstration, who needs extra reinforcement on team play, and we played two rounds.

At this point I modeled counting all of the beans and counting on after my roll of the number cube. My student helper is still at the level of counting all each time.  I wanted to model the counting on strategy because it will be the next developmental stage in counting and decomposing numbers.  

When you watch the videos of the game (More 20 Beans.m4v and 20 Beans in action.m4v) you will see that all of the kids are still counting all (after each roll).  This is developmentally appropriate and acceptable at this stage of the year.  As I watched some of the teams play, I started to demonstrate how to hold the number and count on.  I only did this for students who I felt were ready for this jump.

  Reflection on 20 Beans
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20 Beans

Unit 1: Counting Quantities
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT count a set of objects up to 20, starting at any number less than 20. SWBAT identify and describe characteristics of cubes, pattern blocks, and geometry blocks.

Big Idea: If you were Jack, of Beanstalk Fame, then today would be your dream day in math. Today the students are introduced to a counting game called 20 Beans.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, rote counting to 20, twenty frame, numerals 2 & 3
  65 minutes
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