Reflection: Joy Practicing Division with SumDog - Section 1: Concept Development


According to my students and the guest teacher, everyone loved this game.  The first thing my students said to me today, as they were entering in the building was, "When do we get to play that game again?"  

Just like any tool, I think if a computer program is used too often, it becomes less desired by students. My students log onto the sumdog site to play math games about once a month.  It is a very engaging game because students can play each other in various games.  Not only do they end up planning which game they are going to "meet" in, they in return end up talking about math.  

Click here to see a sample report page detailing when students last logged on and to hear my thoughts about this lesson. 

  Joy: When can we play it AGAIN?!
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Practicing Division with SumDog

Unit 4: Understanding Division and Remainders
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT practice multi-digit multiplication and basic division facts using a computer game.

Big Idea: Students use a free computer program to engage with practicing division facts.

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