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What excited me about this lesson was the degree to which the student bought into the idea that we were taking imaginary trips around the country.  Most of my students have traveled only to California, Las Vegas and Sonora, Mexico so this activity gave them exposure to new places.  

The photographs of the locations sparked interesting side conversations.  For example, when they observed that Minneapolis and Boston are both located near rivers, and that Boston and San Francisco are both ocean cities, this led to an interesting side discussion about the role water plays in the development of commerce and cities.  

In the past, when I have taught elapsed time with just the numbers and no context, they were much more passive than in this activity.  Also, the fact that we were both looking at time to the minute AND working with time to the hour enabled me to support above-level, on level, and below-level students within the context of the same lesson!

  High Interest = High Involvement
  Diverse Entry Points: High Interest = High Involvement
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Lucky Luggage Tags: Elapsed Time to the Hour

Unit 6: Time
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWBAT calculate elapsed time to the closest half hour and hour using a number line.

Big Idea: Solidify students understanding of time to the hour (while enriching with basic geography content) and continue to build up to 3rd grade goal of time to the minute.

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