Reflection: Student Feedback Rhetorical Analysis: The Structure of Humor - Section 3: Re-writing Humor, Seriously


They laughed at all the ‘right’ spots!  It is so interesting that they recognize, and find funny, the observations of adult men and women in the kitchen. 

I’ve never had students re-write humor like this, and I found that it worked well (something I will plan more around in the future).  An interesting take-away was two students who tried to re-write the section where the narrator is asked to watch the kids, but can’t focus because the football game is on the television, couldn't do it.  No matter what they did, they couldn’t re-write this as not funny, because the situation itself is inherently humorous—learning that sometimes it is not the language that creates the comedy, but the observation itself (though the wording enhances it!).  This will be good for me to consider in the future when I analyze humor again—to look at when the author needs language to manufacture humor, and when the situation does most of the work.

  Good Activity to Build On
  Student Feedback: Good Activity to Build On
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Rhetorical Analysis: The Structure of Humor

Unit 6: Thematic Unit: Gender and the Rhetorical Power of Narrative
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: SWBAT recognize the specific language constructions and word choices that work to create humor through a close reading of Dave Barry.

Big Idea: Humorous writing, like any other writing, is highly structured.

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