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Throughout our writing of drafts I have been calling home for students who have not been producing their finished drafts for homework. Then today I had 7 students who were not completed with their final drafts. They did not get to participate in the celebration, did not receive a doughnut,and will receive a minus 10 for every day it is late. 

More importantly, I did not get to see their final draft for an assessment of their learning. I called home again for these 7 and if they do not come in with their final, they will stay with me for lunch or after school until it is done. We will then goal set about how to get the final done on time for the next project. I will remind them of our goal a couple of days before the next final is due. 

  Accountability for Performance Tasks
  Accountability: Accountability for Performance Tasks
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Celebrating Our Final, but also Thinking Ahead to Our Next Project

Unit 4: Research Essay
Lesson 15 of 15

Objective: SWBAT to celebrate their writing by reading their classmates' research essay and giving them advice about next steps for the next project.

Big Idea: Always think ahead.

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