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Reading on the Internet can be problematic for students because they might not necessarily find a website that is at their reading level. Also, the volume of text and choices for texts can be overwhelming. When my students were reading for evidence today, I saw a lot of them struggling.

I stopped them after five minutes and said, "Remember, just like you read a non-fiction text in the classroom, take it one paragraph at at time. After you read one paragraph, think to yourself, "Does any of the text evidence answer my research questions? If so, jot it down."

I remembered in that moment that I have to help connect what students already know about reading from print resources to digital resources. 

  Students Reading on Internet
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Students Reading on Internet
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Researching Different Kinds of Evidence About Issues Using the Internet

Unit 4: Research Essay
Lesson 8 of 15

Objective: SWBAT will research the topic of their choosing with a question in mind in order to find different kinds of evidence for their essay using internet sources..

Big Idea: The World Wide Web of Evidence

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