Reflection: Student Ownership Time To Draft Narrative Continued - Section 2: Writing Time


Today's lesson is really a continuation of the time spent from the previous lesson. I find time after time that when I give students time to write they are able to grow as writers. This happens because I am able to give them guided writing time. The tough part for today is really differentiating instruction and that gets to me every time. Teachers can't split themselves into 20 different directions so it can really be tough to make sure students are writing and drafting. I found that what helps me is creating a community where the focal point is on writing. When students are aware that my classroom is a place where writing is valued, they understand the importance of it. This allows me to be able to get to as many students as possible without interruptions for discipline.

  Drafting Reflection Day Two
  Student Ownership: Drafting Reflection Day Two
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Time To Draft Narrative Continued

Unit 9: Personal Narrative/Memoirs: Writing And Conferencing
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: SWBAT apply narrative writing qualities of description and story to their own narrative to finish drafts of writing pieces.

Big Idea: You have a story to tell. Tell it. Again.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, personal narrative, drafting, personal narratives, memoir, conferencing
  43 minutes
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