Reflection: Classroom Setup Listening Center - Section 2: How Does This Center Work?


This center is a place that students LOVE!  As long as I take the time and effort to plan it out, students always enjoy listening center!  I ALWAYS connect this center to what we are working on in whole and small groups; this is what makes it relevant and enjoyable!  I love the differentiation this center provides!  At this center, 1) I can reinforce what we have already read, 2) I can have a holiday book that will connect to our current topics, or 3) I can have students practice and reinforce phonics/phonemic awareness skills!  While doing any of these things, students are provided with a GOOD example; it's a win-win!


*TIP: If I don't have a tape or cd that covers the story or skill I feel is needed, I can record myself on a hand-help tape player.  After all, I am a good example they love to hear.  And, when I do this, I don't have to spend any money on technology- I only have to spend a little extra time.

  This Center is What you Make of it...
  Classroom Setup: This Center is What you Make of it...
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Listening Center

Unit 3: Centers
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT listen to a story and will then form an opinion based on what they heard OR SWBAT will be able to respond to and repeat what they have heard.

Big Idea: Make listening AND speaking a part of your center rotation! Later in the year, tie in writing, too!

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